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Sustainable Water Solutions

Custom Formulations Engineered for Long-Term Water Quality Improvement


AquaChar is a mobile & scalable waste management company which recycles timber waste into a premium water purifying carbon engineered to provide local solutions for tributaries of contamination.

AquaChar Integrates emerging nanotechnologies using a customizable slow-release formula capable of providing rapid decontamination & long-term biological balance & stability.

Onsite regeneration allows AquaChar to be used for the lifespan of the project & seeded media can provide centuries of beneficial impact to soil & wetlands.

Submicron, 3-D porosity at 20,000x SEM demonstrates the preserved surface area used to breakdown waste & contaminates

Continued success allows AquaChar to pursue additional use cases in areas severely impacted by poor water quality.




Clean Waterways

Large-scale Water Quality Improvement Targeting Tributaries of Contamination in Florida

“Clean Waterways, LLC started with a mission to use contaminant and nutrient removal technologies utilized in the aquarium & aquaculture industry for targeted, large-scale environmental water quality improvement. In a first-of-its-kind partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale, Clean Waterways utilized machinery known as protein skimmers to improve water quality in the Himmarshee Canal. By injecting microbubbles into a chamber, Clean Waterways has exceeded testing checkpoints when analyzed for contaminant removal.

To further expand the scale of local effectiveness of mobile remediation, Clean Waterways explored environmentally beneficial adsorption media technologies for the difficult removal of medications and chemicals. Adsorption media ionically pulls dissolved contaminants onto a porous surface. Among the various types of adsorption media, carbon is the most popular. Upon exploring options available, Clean Waterways selected AquaChar due to the large chunk size and on-site maintenance process.”

AquaChar and Clean Waterways are currently working with a reef restoration institute to determine most efficient application & regeneration methods while doing an array of contaminant removal testing including glyphosate & PFAS (a.k.a. “Forever Chemicals”).




Wells & Boreholes

An orphanage in Uganda shares the blessing of clean water and sustainable agriculture

When an associate gifted the 40 children at Rosemary Child Love a borehole, AquaChar engineered a locally-sourced filtration method and sent a package of water purification and agriculture AquaChar.

Relieved of the daily burden of retrieving water they provided the same relief to the local community.

A donation of seeds allowed water to be used for sustainable agriculture using crop rotation to maintain consistent production and healthy soil.

In just a year there are now 80 children, opened an on-site school, and became a community center of shared blessings with those in need.






Aquaculture for Food

Catfish farming is THE sustainable protein solution for 230M Nigerians

The daily decision for billions of people to risk of serious illness or death for drinking water inspired the team behind AquaChar to create the best possible product.

Maintaining water quality while raising 10,000+ rapidly growing hatchlings can result in a complete system collapse after weeks of husbandry, feed & fuel costs.

Eighteen months after adding AquaChar to the borehole, the farm received an open contract for 3-gram fingerlings with the purchaser saying, “many other farmers are struggling, we have not seen fingerlings this active and healthy this year” upon visiting the farm.


Fixing water problems:

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Stormwater
  • Lakes, Ponds, & Rivers
  • Boating Canals & Marinas
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Aquifers

Taking Care of Oceans:

  • Oil Spill Cleanup
  • Algal & Bacteria Toxins
  • Coral Reef Revitalization
  • Cargo Ship Bilge Treatment
  • Wetland Restoration

Industrial Solutions:

  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Mining Pollution
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Air Quality Improvement
  • Agricuture Runoff
  • Material Science

Soil Transformation:

  • True Organic Fertilizer
  • Biological Revitalization
  • Vertical Farming
  • Aquaponics
  • Hydroponics
  • Soil Remineralization
  • Soil Water Retention 

A better world grown locally.

What Makes AquaChar Unique?

As water dissolves and dissipates, the durable ionic interaction creates an opposite attraction and biological breakdown of contaminates to provide long-term water quality improvement.

As a sustainable natural alternative, AquaChar is engineered for superior clarity, balance, & stability in high-end fresh & saltwater aquatic ecosystems.

Introducing a philosophy of carbon as a bio-media for long-term use provided thousands of individual case studies from “amateur water experts” documenting rapid decontamination & additional long-term benefits of AquaChar.

Touch Tank at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, FL six months after starting AquaChar
Touch Tank at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, FL six months after starting AquaChar

What AquaChar Does

AquaChar is a first-of-its-kind carbon bio-media engineered for easy management of two-thirds of nature’s water filtration needs.

A gallon of AquaChar treats of 1,000 gallons of water & adding new to the existing (typically every 3-6+ months) maintains clarity and boosts biological balance & stability.

The naturally enhanced porosity, larger size, and cleanliness rapidly creates self-cleaning biologically active microsites (B.A.M.S.) to provide crystal clear water while enhancing beneficial microbial communities by magnetically attracting food from water.


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The Aquachar Advantage

Our novel & innovative process emulates nature’s own techniques for forming ionic elemental nanostructured carbon compounds.

The result is Aquachar; a contaminant-free and extremely porous carbon-based medium with a uniquely complex structure and a durable ionic charge.

Aquachar is a keystone product designed to amplify nature’s preferential mechanisms, allowing us to optimize and customize processes for a remarkably broad range of applications.

Our process is exceptionally green; it uses no power, minimal water, is mobile and expandable, and our source material is unprocessed waste wood (i.e. fresh cut tree waste).

Biologically Active Microsites

Scientists and engineers continue to develop passive bio-media made from ceramic, plastic, and glass for hosting bacteria and other microbes.  Passive media rely primarily on water flow to carry organics to the media surface for the microbes to break down.  Such products are typically developed with the intent of altering, working around, or entirely replacing a natural mechanism – often focusing on only one aspect of a mechanism and modifying it for a targeted application.  As a result, most of these products have limited diversity and/or effectiveness.

Aquachar is an active, long lasting, multi-functional media with an ionic charge and microporosity that are unmatched; both of which extend from the surface to the core.  The microporosity combined with the large granular size results in a wide array of microbial habitat zones.  The ionic charge causes organics to be actively attracted to the surface.  Organics are continually pulled deep into the material throughout the breakdown process.

This unique combination of features readily allows the preferential natural order of things to take place; physical, biological, electrical, and chemical structures present throughout Aquachar bolster highly efficient biological activity, which allows for the formation of Biologically Active Microsites.

Each group of microbes creates its own “microsite” for performing a dedicated function within the overall organic breakdown process.  An array of various microsites forms a network of their own design within each piece of Aquachar, depending on which processes need to take place (and in what order).  The microbes at these sites function at an elevated level of efficiency due to the active attraction of organic matter to the Aquachar (due to the ionic charge).  Since the food source is brought directly to the microsites, the inhabiting bacteria and microbes can devote all resources to consumption and reproduction.

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