AquaChar for Aquariums
AquaChar for Aquariums
AquaChar for Aquariums
AquaChar for Aquariums
AquaChar for Aquariums
AquaChar for Aquariums

AquaChar for Aquariums



  • AquaChar Chunk Carbon in compostable plastic bag
  • 6x4 AquaChar Sticker
  • Instructions


  • NATURALLY BUFFERS PH: Slowly increases pH over the first few weeks, typically finding stability between weeks 2-4
  • WORKS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS: Useful life is 3-6+ months depending on bioload & maintenance schedule. Rinse AquaChar monthly. Add new dose and leave the existing dose as biological media.
  • REPLACES CERAMIC BIOMEDIA: Once the initial chemical filtration reaction is exhausted AquaChar can be used like “live rock that is easily cleaned” allowing it to replace ceramics and be used to jump start new aquariums.
  • NEGATIVE IONIC CHARGE: The cause of most water clarity issues is Dissolved Organics - which are positively charged. AquaChar magnetically attracts fine particulates, creating crystal clear water within hours.
  • CREATING A SMORGASBORD: The natural substructure of the fiber and vascular system of trees is preserved in AquaChar. Creating massive surface area for the colonization of bacteria. 
  • CREATING A WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The larger size and internal porosity creates a biological microsite for aerobic & anaerobic bacteria to break down organics efficiently. A more on demand consumption of organics stabilizes ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.
  • EXTENDS TIME BETWEEN GLASS CLEANING: Slow-released hydroxides combine with adsorption of free-floating algae reduces time it takes for algae to re-establish on interior surfaces.

AquaChar is a handcrafted, batch process made from recycled and sustainable natural resources. Each batch is carefully monitored to ensure premium quality and consistency.


We recommend rinsing new AquaChar thoroughly before use; however, residual dust is not harmful to your aquarium and will settle inside your filter.

AquaChar can be used in a variety of filtration systems:

  • Hang-on-back
  • Cannister
  • Sump/Refugium
  • Filter Sock
  • Media Bag
  • Reactor
  • Almost anywhere with flow

Simplest implementation of AquaChar is to place in a mesh bag, then placing the mesh bag in the final stage of cannister or sump filtration.

AquaChar will initially float but will sink as it adsorbs water and organics.


Recommended dosing is one (1) cup (~250mL) per 50 gallons (~200L) of water.

Every individual aquarium is a unique system and each user might desire different results. It is important to monitor your parameters whenever making any adjustments to see how your system responds

Recommended dosing can be adjusted depending on your specific need and/or desired results.


Performing monthly maintenance on AquaChar offers a limited regenerative effect that maximizes the effective lifespan. Briefly rinse excess organics off the surface using aquarium water, return AquaChar to your system. 

Leave existing AquaChar in the system when adding new AquaChar; this allows beneficial bacterial to quickly populate the new AquaChar.

If you have any questions about use please feel free to reach out.

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